Sightline Ventures invests in selective sports technology companies that genuinely excites us. 


We target young companies, led by ambitious founders, who are seeking intelligent seed to pre-Series A capital to accelerate their growth.

If you believe your sports technology company fits Sightline Ventures's investment strategy then please submit your investment deck below.


Investment decks that address the following will be prioritised:

-    Proposition / an overview of your product, solution, technology, etc.

-    Initial Validation / a summary of the steps taken to validate your technology.

-    Market Opportunity / size and growth of your initial target market and total addressable market.

-    Competition & Differentiation / an overview of your competition and a how you are differentiated.

-    Team / management team bios summarising relevant experience.

-    Financials / summary forecasts together with underlying assumptions

-    Funding / funding history, current funding requirement and intended use of funds.

-    Ownership / details of your capitalisation table and ownership.